If you’re looking for some new plugins to try on your WordPress website or looking to change from what you currently use, check out our considerations below!

1. Litespeed Cache

Improving site functionality, Litespeed Cache is one of the best caching plugin options currently out there and one we specifically recommend and utilize. Litespeed Cache is completely free and open-source and it communicates directly with an installation of LiteSpeed Web Server that we run on all our services.

Offering database optimization and two different methods of cache preloading, it’s simple to configure, speeding up any WordPress page in no time. Read more here.

If you’re interested in installing LsCache read our support article in our knowledgebase.

2. WP Rocket

Starting at $49 per year, WP Rocket is another caching plugin and is a premium (paid) plugin. WP Rocket offers excellent speed results, as well as plenty of optimization features that you won’t find with a number of other free cache plugins (Delay JS Execution, Remove Unused CSS, Critical Path CSS for specific pages to name a few). 80% of the web-performance best practices are automatically applied, so there is no need to touch the code.

If you’re not a fan of Litespeed Cache or simply want to purchase a “premium” plugin, WP Rocket is the right option for you. You can read more here.

3. Easy WP SMTP

Sending mail through any hosting service can be a bit of a pain when it is not configured correctly and when you are sending emails through the website we strongly encourage the use of an SMTP mail plugin. Without the use of an SMTP plugin mail is sent through the host instead of your dedicated email service which can cause a number of issues like emails being delivered to junk/spam, emails being rejected completely or confusion on the recipients ends as the email is sent from an address like “[email protected]” opposed to an actual email address.

As the name suggests the configuration of the plugin is very easy. It comes with debug logging to review if the emails are being sent out correctly and if they are not, what the cause is.

You can read more about Easy WP SMTP here.

4. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a free open-source e-commerce plugin designed for small to large merchant websites. It is beginner-friendly and comes with a range of addon plugins that can be used alongside for added functionality. Coming with a number of themes it is incredibly diverse and will work on any device.

WooCommerce has a range of helpful features, like customer engagement, delivery status updates, order tracking, inventory management, and more. … WooCommerce is the most popular and arguably best eCommerce plugin for WordPress, and its integration allows for you to include both great SEO value and eCommerce ability.

Read more about WooCommerce here.

5. WPForms

WPForms is an incredible plugin that allows the user to drag and drop a range of customizable template forms onto their site.

It comes with a lite (free) version that has more than enough templates for the average site however if you’re looking to have more than 100+ templates available ranging from simple contact forms to payment forms and signature forms you’ll want to check out their 4 available licenses each with their own benefit.

The plugin is super simple to configure and requires no editing of any code. You can simply pick a template and drag and drop it on the site. Read more here.

There is a lot to consider when using plugins for any website and these are just some of the many plugins we’ve used in the past and had great experiences with. If you haven’t used any of these before why not give them a go with the free staging domain Sequel WP provides to you with your service.