With PageSpeed scores starting to play a part in SEO ranking it’s very important that your website is running as fast as possible. Here are our recommendations that can be applied quickly for the best results!

Use Quality Hosting

Using quality hosting is one of the most important parts. Cheap hosting is often oversold and will restrict you and your visitors when you need it the most.

We recommend using our all Australian-built and designed hosting solutions, which give an unparalleled performance, security, and all private servers for ultimate reliability. You can see all the features here.

Use LScache & Guest Mode

LSCache has officially released version 4.0 which includes the long-awaited Guest Mode.

If you’re not using LScache I highly recommend reading our previous Blog Post on it here. LSCache is highly recommended by us and we often see huge improvements with site response time for users utilising the plugin.

Guest Mode benefits the site owner, as well as new visitors, SEO results, and page speed checkers.

When someone drops by your site, there are a few things LiteSpeed server needs to figure out about the new visitor before it can find an appropriate page in the cache, or invoke WordPress to generate one.

Guest Mode allows you to defer any decision-making, and immediately serve a default cached version of the requested page.

If you use LSCache, From the WordPress dashboard, navigate to LiteSpeed Cache > General and set Guest Mode to ON.

Guest Mode and Guest Optimization.

You can find Guest Optimization directly under the Guest Mode setting. It defaults to ON (though it is ignored for as long as Guest Mode itself is OFF). If you do not want to use Guest Optimization, set it to OFF.


As you can see from LiteSpeed’s testing, the results are dramatic.




Feel free to read more about how Guest Mode for WordPress works here.

Our team specialises in WordPress optimisations and improvements to PageSpeed, if you have any questions or would like us to provide a free optimisation review, please contact our support team and we’d be happy to assist.