When our WordPress stack was designed and built in 2019, it was revolutionary at the time and allowed for instant deployments of fully privatised KVM virtual private servers for each WordPress. However, as time has progressed, newer and better technologies have come and matured and allow us to offer more for less.

Our stack was also aging, the majority of our servers are based on CentOS 7, which has an end of life (EOL) cycle in 2024. 2024 may sound like a long time but platforms do take time to develop and we need to ensure that all migrations and the platform itself were ready well before then.

So what’s new?

Almost everything. Our team really looked into the current issues our platform had, potential solutions, and how we could future-proof the platform going forward. This basically meant that all of what made SequelWP work previously would need to be discarded and start truly from scratch.

New containerised environment

The is the biggest major change, a completely custom container system that still provides a jailed isolated environment, but gives us options to move between different servers, between different states, and soon, different countries. With a click of a button, your instance will soon be able to move to a completely different country.

Containers provide us the ability to instantly scale resources, previously, you would need to reboot which could cause 5 to 10 minutes of downtime to scale your server up. This has always been less than ideal as when you are in a peak period, you absolutely want your website to be up and running without disruption.

Containerisation allows for better efficiency and management, which is important as our WordPress sites under management continue to grow.

New regions

The biggest change is our new multi-region support, historically, we’ve been restricted to Australia only (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne & Perth) however this new code base changes, in theory, means we could be in any location on any host (bare-metal dedicated or one of your favourite cloud providers).

Our edge network over the next few months will start expanding to these new regions which will allow you to move or create new instances in the United States of America, Singapore, New Zealand & Europe. We will be analysing our edge traffic and will be spinning up more regions to allow us to provide security and latency closer to your visitors.

Bigger resource allocations

The main benefit of our containers is the reduced CPU and memory footprint, as we’re not running a full image of an operating system, it allows for significant memory savings. In our previous generation platform, a single instance could consume 300 – 500MB of RAM at idle to run the webserver, our management tools & the operating system. Whereas the new technology minimises the majority of this and an instance can run on as little as 4 – 5MB of RAM.

When will I be moved to the new platform?

Migrations are happening right now, and you won’t notice any downtime while these are being performed. You will soon get a green alert bar in the overview once you’ve been migrated.

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