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Running a business is stressful enough not to mention the added workload when you bring on a website or an online store. If you run a website or an online store be sure to check out this article and see why you should consider a Managed WordPress host.

So what is Managed WordPress hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting is hosting catered specifically to WordPress. This means you don’t have other things like cPanel or mail taking up precious resources allowing you to get more bang for your buck when it comes to your website.

These plans can range anywhere from $15 to $150+ depending on how much space and much power you want and/or need. Check out our prices over at our pricing page.

So why should you pick Managed WordPress Hosting?

1. Superior Performance

We as a Managed WordPress host have a completely custom-built dashboard for your service, which means things like email and cPanel aren’t being used which share the resources from a server. This takes away the complete benefits your site can have in regards to performance. Not to mention, we have a no noisy neighbors policy which means EVERY website is on its own server.

2. Superior Support

When you have any sort of hosting, there are two things that everyone wants the gold standard of, and that is performance and support. When you have any sort of issue with your site it’s a great feeling when you know you’re getting top-level support from someone who understands the issue.

Here at SequelWP, we’re all developers so we have a very large understanding of many of the common issues you can encounter using WordPress.

When it comes to choosing a host with a reliable and knowledgeable support team, Managed WordPress hosts generally are a level above the rest, simply because they live and breathe everything WordPress. Along with fantastic support, SequelWP includes premium uptime monitoring for all clients via custom-built monitoring tools. We check the status of ALL websites we host every 5 minutes.

This ultimately means that if your site goes down, we will generally be aware before you or your clients and our support team will hop on it.

3. Backups

There is nothing worse than doing any amount of work, forgetting to save it, and then losing it all. The same can be said for your website. You should always be prepared for any worst-case scenario.

Many hosts these days include some form of backups but what you get is quite basic. At SequelWP, we include 90 days worth of backups at no extra charge. You can restore or download any file/s we’ve got backed up for you. 90 days might seem like a long time but in our expert opinion, this is the perfect retention available. There is no telling what might not be picked up for a number of days/weeks and when hosts only offer 14 days of backups it makes it really hard to resolve an issue a simple restore might fix.

Not to mention we also offer the ability to enable hourly backups at an additional cost ($50 per month). Those are stored for 24 hours. We also offer AWS integration so you can backup your data to S3.

4. One-Click Staging Environments

This all comes back to testing changes, new plugins, PHP versions, or any sort of updates. Why should you make changes or trial new things in your production environment and risk causing an outage or corruption to your site? That’s right, you shouldn’t. This is why like us, many Managed WordPress providers offer you a staging environment so you can test any changes or even try a new site build.

The best part about these staging environments is the one-click features that allow you to copy your staging to production with a simple click of a button. These tools take all the hard work out of rewriting database URLs, moving files, and renaming them. They also allow you to copy production to staging and even reset the staging site to a blank WordPress instance.

5. Security

As a Managed WordPress host we take security extremely seriously and we feel as a customer you should not need to worry about your website being hacked or becoming the victim of a DDOS attempt. We offer a malware removal service with a 6-hour guarantee.

With our industry-leading zero-trust philosophy, you can be sure your customer data will always be safe at SequelWP. We build custom firewall rules from attacks we see on our network and vulnerability data we gain from our partnership with This allows us to often provide 0-day protection on new vulnerabilities.

6. Dev Friendly

Whilst a Managed WordPress service can be used by almost anyone due to the automatic tools and simplicity they’re also extremely developer-friendly.

This means you have access to SSH, Git, and WP-CLI. For a lot of developers, WP-CLI is a dream come true!


As you can see there are many benefits in choosing a Managed WordPress host over a standard web host. While Managed WordPress services do cost more. What you receive in return is definitely worth it. How much does your time and data mean to you?

If you have any questions regarding hosting please feel free to contact us.