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It’s been roughly 6 months since the last update was released, but WordPress 5.9 was really worth the wait. There are a number of exciting new features. Full site editing is the main highlight, but there are heaps more new features too. Let’s take a closer look at what’s new in version 5.9.

Full Site Editing (FSE)

FSE is a major development jump for WordPress. FSE is the next stage in Gutenberg’s development towards the favored block editor being the entire editing experience in WordPress. It allows you to build all the parts of your site with the Gutenberg editor, only if your theme enables this functionality. Headers, navigation, post templates are all alterable parts of a WordPress page and anything can be modified. However, while anything can be edited, it doesn’t mean anything can be done. You are limited by what available blocks you have and those block settings.

To take advantage of the new FSE capabilities you’ll need to utilize a theme that supports FSE. The new default WordPress theme (Twenty Twenty-Two) supports it.

Twenty Twenty-Two Theme

As WordPress 5.9 will be the first major release of 2022 it only makes sense it will ship with a brand new default theme – Twenty Twenty-Two.

This new theme takes full advantage of all the neat features available in the new site editor. It’s been designed to be the most flexible default WordPress theme ever. Designed to provide users extensive control over every aspect of their website design.

Twenty Twenty-Two features Source Serif Pro for headings. Source Serif Pro is a serif typeface in the transitional style, designed to complement the Source Sans Pro family. The close companionship of Serif and Sans is achieved by a careful match of letter proportions and typographic color.

Block Editor Improvements

Users will now be able to simply move sections from the “List View” on the toolbar. All you need to do is click on an item and move it either up or down. This allows you to easily move your content around and re-adjust the site layout.

An Image of the list view feature in WordPress

The navigation block in the site editor can be used inside the WordPress posts and pages too. This will allow you to manually create navigational menus like a table of contents, in your articles or landing pages.

An Image of the navigation toolbar in WordPress

In previous versions of WordPress, it was quite difficult to access controls of the parent and child blocks when working with social icons or buttons. Thankfully, WordPress 5.9 allows the child blocks to use the parent blocks toolbar.

Language Options During Login

If you’re someone who has multiple languages installed on your WordPress website, your users will now be able to choose their preferred language when logging in.

Behind The Scenes

WordPress 5.9 also brings a number of changes for developers to explore and use in their own themes, plugins, and projects.

  • WP 5.9 introduces the new is_post_type_viewable filter to allow developers to hook into is_post_type_viewable() to override the check performed by this function.
  • New function wp_get_post_revisions_url() to get URL for a post revision.
  • New wp_list_users() template tag will be introduced.

Learn more about WordPress 5.9 here.

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