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How do I restore a backup?

We provide you 90 days worth of daily backups that you can either download or restore.

You can restore any backup by logging into the Dashboard, go to Sites and click Manage, then click Manage > Backups.

Under Backups you can scroll through to find the date you require and click “View Restore Point”.

When you have clicked View Restore Point this will load a new page that contains a directory listing to select and restore individual files, or on the right hand side the databases.

You can click to the left of the checkbox to open up the folders and select individual files. Otherwise you can click the checkbox to select that directory and it’s contents.

When you’ve selected what you want to restore, click “Restore Files/Folders” and then click “Yes, restore the files” in the popup.

You can click the notification bell to view the progress of this.

Updated on September 1, 2021

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