Case Study

Home of the arts - HOTA is an iconic Gold Coast destination where art, entertainment, culture and lifestyle meet


Home of the Arts (HOTA) is the Gold Coast's home for all things creative. A home that brings people together where ideas are transformed into experiences through art. Their website is used heavily to announce new shows, events at the gallery and promote and sell tickets to shows.

Moving from Azure cloud with a non managed provider to SequelWP was the best decision we've made. We gained huge performance and allowed us to scale our site for busy ticket sales.

Leigh Reading
Digital Marketing & Analytics @ HOTA.

The problem

HOTA's unmanaged WordPress platform allowed for no direct access to the site and made physical changes extremely difficult. The site was plagued by performance and scaling issues which caused downtime during ticket events and sales. Reviewing the analytics showed a high churn rate from the first page due to server code errors or the website simply being unavailable. The website load times were the number one concern and HOTA was looking for a hosting partner that could help optimise the website hosting.

The Solution

SequelWP Enterprise Cluster is designed exactly for this requirement. We migrated the website onto our fast NVMe based servers with dedicated compute and noticed an immediate difference. Combined with our caching plugin and CDN the issues disappeared immediately.  


Since moving to a SequelWP Enterprise Cluster, HOTA has experienced a 20% decrease in churn rate & substantial performance gains. If you need a solution like this, talk to our team at SequelWP and we can build you a custom WordPress cluster.